Big Thief Prep Double LP For 2022

Big Thief have already shared a handful of standalone songs this year, such as “Certainty,” “Little Things” (which ranked among our favorite songs that week), and “Sparrow.” All of those seemed to tie into the New York indie-rock act’s ongoing fall tour. Now, Mojo reports that the band is actually prepping a double LP for early 2022. It’ll feature 20 songs the band recorded in four different locations after a two-week quarantine in the Vermont woods in July 2020.

“We accumulated so many songs that we loved, maybe about 50,” lead singer Adrianne Lenker told Mojo. “Twenty could be whittled down to 12, but not 50.” Lenker added: “I’ve noticed that a lot of this record is more uplifting and hopeful,” Lenker added. “Which is funny, given the time we’re in. And there’s more acceptance of the self and of the while paradigm we’re in. The mysteries of humanity and how it’s all unfolding. I’ll probably be writing about that until I die!”

Back in March, guitarist Buck Meek revealed that the new Big Thief album was “pretty much done” and “certainly different,” adding that “lockdown was a well-needed respite. I needed a break, and then Big Thief ended up making new music for nearly six months, which was really nice because we’ve been touring so hard we’ve had little chance to record in the last couple of years.”

Two of the songs appearing on the double LP are “Spud Infinity” and “Red Moon,” which the band has played live already. Watch video of them both below.

Read the full Mojo feature here.


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