“Check The Synth”: Frankie Nanna’s New Deep Tech Track Infused with Funk and Soul.

Fusing funk, jazz, and house music is no simple feat, but Frankie Nanna rises to the challenge and triumphs with his new track, “Check the Synth.”

“Check the Synth” exemplifies funky house music at its best. The Denver-based DJ and producer skillfully combines dynamic kick drums, retro vocal samples, and rhythmic guitar plucks in this soulful track, released under House Hats, a collective celebrated for its outstanding deep and tech house.

Ultimately, the track is a sultry, dance-inducing piece and a significant milestone for Nanna. The young producer, who plays guitar, mandolin, and tenor saxophone, shares that “Check the Synth” underwent a transformation before emerging as the dancefloor anthem we hear today.

“For the past year, I’ve been using live drum fill sounds and live muted bass,” Nanna explains his creative process. “This track is the first track I’ve used my Korg SV-1 synth, and you can hear it after the first buildup. This track sat on my computer for about a year until I completely re-did it with a more fun, dancefloor synth vibe.”

“Check the Synth” comes during an exciting year for Nanna, who recently performed at the We Belong Here festival in Miami and Insomniac’s renowned Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival. Give it a listen below.


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