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Chris Lake

Chris Lake and Sammy Virji Team Up to Produce Bebe Rexha’s Empowering Single, “Chase It”

Bebe Rexha has unveiled her latest single, “Chase It (Mmm Da Da Da)” an anthemic dance track produced by Chris Lake, Sammy Virji, Punctual, and Marco Straus.

Rexha premiered the song during her electrifying Coachella set last month. Co-written with Aluna, the track is bold and energetic, featuring a compelling house beat and an irresistible refrain.

The lyrics paint a picture of someone confidently pursuing their own direction, reveling in the thrill and unpredictability of their journey. Rexha also addresses a romantic interest, challenging them to impress her and ensure she doesn’t end the night alone.

The music video features Rexha and backup dancers performing dynamic routines on and around cars, with scenes of cars drifting. This visual theme complements the song’s messages of adventure, independence, and living boldly, emphasizing the spirit of taking risks and enjoying life’s journey to the fullest. The high-energy visuals and choreography underscore the song’s themes, making it a vibrant and engaging watch.