Dennis Cartier Drops A 12 Track Album “Passion”

It is now time for Dennis Cartier to release his much awaited first album, “Passion,” which has been in the works for a number of years and has seen the release of three songs from the album in recent weeks: “Coffee In The Morning,” “The Ocean,” and “A Wonder.” 

This album, which contains 12 fantastic tunes, marks the beginning of Dennis Cartier’s new year and is unquestionably one of the largest endeavors the ever-expanding artist has undertaken.

Dennis Cartier mentioned:

“More than ever, music is my passion. The album contains several songs about life, dreams and hope. I want to inspire people to discover and follow their own passions. Each song on the album is crafted to make the listener feel something. An album that will take the listener on a journey of emotion.”

Dennis Cartier kicks off the album with the title track, “Passion,” which features Morgan Freeman’s motivational voice to encourage you to follow your passions. This is the perfect way to start the album. The remaining tracks on the album include recent hits, including “Don’t Let Go,” “What You Wanna Say,” and the 2020 single “Enjoy The Ride.”


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