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Adriatique Launches New Record Label with “The Future Is Unknown”

Swiss duo Adriatique takes a bold step in their career with the launch of their new record label, X Recordings. Known for their immersive Adriatique present X event series, the duo is now creating a space for their distinctive brand of melodic techno.

The debut release on X Recordings, titled “The Future Is Unknown,” sets a haunting and energizing tone for the label’s future releases. This dark and hypnotic track combines mesmerizing sound design with deep basslines, building tension before delivering a spellbinding drop that makes for an enthralling listening experience.

Adriatique’s event series, unveiled in Zürich last December, has provided a futuristic glimpse into melodic techno at iconic venues globally, including Pacha Ibiza, Brooklyn Mirage, and Amsterdam’s Gashouder.

Explaining the significance of “X,” Adriatique stated, “X is a multifaceted and versatile symbol, also seen as an intersection where paths cross. We feel X is an illustration of reflection and duality; both play major roles in our careers. As a platform, X welcomes influences and inspiration from all the people and artists involved, celebrating the luminaries of the past while embracing technological advancements and futuristic visions.”