AKITA Discusses “The Way It Is” & Reveals Details About Upcoming LP For The Night

Sweet + Sour met with AKITA, a funk act who recently released “The Way It Is,” inspired by the complex realities of the world. The band consists of Patrick (drummer), Charlie (saxophonist), Zak (bassist), Dan (trombonist), Sam (guitarist), Tomi (keyboardist), Zach (guitarist), and Ade (singer). We talked about their new single and the upcoming album, For The Night that promises to explore new musical territories for the group.

AKITA revealed that their songwriting and recording process is a collaborative effort that involves staying open-minded and honest with each other. The band also announced that they have an upcoming tour in Florida, which includes performances in Fernandina Beach and the Fort 20 Fest in Fort Pierce.

Read the full interview below.

Congratulations on the recent release, “The Way It Is.” What inspired you to write it and how did you come up with the concept for the song? 

Thank you! The theme of the song came from our sax man Charlie which inspired the lyrics written by our singer Ade. “It was just one of those moments when you look around and realize how complex and ridiculous the realities of the world are but at the end of the day, It’s just the way it is. Might as well enjoy it.”

How did you all meet and come together to form AKITA? Was it something that happened naturally, or was there a specific moment that sparked the formation of the band?

The band was started by drummer Patrick, bassist Zak, and sax man Charlie. The three of them started rehearsing for fun in Patrick’s living room and while the goal wasn’t to play shows as quickly as possible, the three of them immediately knew they could create something special. Our trombonist Dan and first guitarist Sam were searching on Craigslist to join a band and found the trio! Tomi on keys was pulled into the fold as a mutual musician/friend we had gotten to know from another group and same with our singer Ade and new guitarist Zach.

Could you tell us about the creative process behind your upcoming album, For The Night? How long have you been working on it, and what should fans expect to hear?

The creative process for this release was more intentional with the lyrics and the musical intricacies, and we’re proud to say we accomplished that. Fans should expect to hear our tried-and-true funk sound; however we explored new territories with our sounds and production efforts on several of these songs.

How do you approach the songwriting and recording process to create your signature layered sound? Can you describe how you bring different elements together? 

Songwriting in a group of seven can be rough going at first, we’re a wild bunch from various backgrounds. Seven ideas, seven people’s emotions, seven ways of interpreting the other seven ideas, it can be challenging. Fortunately, the chemistry we’ve developed allows us to entertain each other’s ideas, know our role in the band, and most importantly make decisions for what sounds best as a group. The ability to stay open minded and honest with each other while writing and recording has produced some of our best material yet.

For The Night is the follow-up to Go! and After Party. What was the biggest challenge you faced while making the new album, and how does it differ from your previous releases? 

The biggest difference on this album versus our other two was featuring three other musicians. This was a first for us and was the best decision we could’ve made for this album!  The second factor was time spent in the studio; we spent double the time on this album compared to the last two. This provided a more relaxed environment and ample time to add small details that really fill out the songs.

Your sound is influenced by funk legends like Lettuce and Earth, Wind & Fire. How do you pay homage to those influences while also making your music unique? 

The upbeat energy brought to the table in songs such as “For The Night” really brings in the fun dance characteristic of Earth, Wind, & Fire. Lettuce does a great job mixing stank face bass with triumphant horn lines to bring it all together. “Tiger Claw” on this album is definitely a treat that hails influence from Lettuce.

Having performed at various festivals and venues throughout the Southeast, which one was the most memorable and why? Are there any upcoming shows or tours that you’re particularly excited about?

Shakori Hills Music Festival was the most memorable because we followed after Galactic with the late night slot and premiered the flamethrower trombone on stage! We are most looking forward to our April run in Florida. We will be playing in Fernandina Beach, followed by The Fort 20 Fest in Fort Pierce.

Listen to “The Way It Is” on Spotify:


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