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Argy Unveils Hypnotic ‘New World’ on Afterlife

Greek producer Argy breaks new ground with his latest album, New World, released on the revered Afterlife imprint. The 14-track exploration pushes the boundaries of melodic techno, showcasing Argy’s unique and disruptive sound.

New World collides pulsating rhythms with intricate sound design, weaving a tapestry of dark, driving beats and eerie vocals. Tribal elements, evident in distorted vocal chants, add a touch of the past juxtaposed with the album’s futuristic leanings. Energetic synths complete the picture, creating a signature retrofuturistic soundscape.

The album serves as a testament to Argy’s artistic evolution. Since his debut EP in 2005, his sound has undergone a dramatic transformation. New World embodies this growth, seamlessly merging with the transhumanist aesthetic of the afterlife while retaining Argy’s distinct voice.

Argy emerges as a pioneer, shaping the future of melodic techno. New World is a bold exploration of uncharted territory, a realm where shadowy grooves and haunting vocals command the dance floor.

Experience New World now on streaming platforms and immerse yourself in Argy’s groundbreaking vision.