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bicep “CHROMA 001 HELIUM”

BICEP Unleashes Dynamic Dance Anthem “CHROMA 001 HELIUM”

Electronic duo BICEP, comprised of Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar, have returned with a seismic release after a year-long hiatus, dropping their latest single “CHROMA 001 HELIUM.”

With a career spanning over a decade, BICEP’s meticulous approach to production is evident in their latest offering. Embracing their signature style while pushing boundaries, the Irish producers deliver a gritty, club-ready anthem that underscores their commitment to the underground scene.

“CHROMA 001 HELIUM” wastes no time in making its mark, opening with pulsating basslines and infectious vocal samples that immediately captivate listeners. As the track progresses, layers of synths and ambient pads create an immersive sonic landscape, reminiscent of a cinematic experience on the dance floor.

Drawing from years of experience in both production and performance, BICEP’s confidence shines through in every beat of “CHROMA 001 HELIUM.” Their ability to seamlessly blend elements of nostalgia with cutting-edge sound design is a testament to their evolution as artists.

Whether you’re a longtime follower or new to the BICEP universe, “CHROMA 001 HELIUM” offers an electrifying journey into the heart of dance music. It’s a testament to the duo’s unwavering dedication to their craft and their unyielding connection to rave culture.

Experience the pulsating energy of BICEP’s latest single “CHROMA 001 HELIUM” below.