Billie Eilish: Broke the “Royal” Rules

If you heard the name Billie Eilish at once then you probably will know that she’s a rules breaker and revelationare. As she say that she’s not doing it special. It is what it is. So again Billie was in her style this time too.

She Broke the “Royal” Rules-a series of rules that must be followed when you’re meeting “Royal” Family. Series of rules include  how to greet them and behave in their presence. During her interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, the singer talked about her experience meeting royals at the premiere of the film No Time to Die in London and, according to her accounts, the whole moment was quite charming. However Eillish says that “They were very friendly, funny, and lovely. I don’t know, I can’t complain. It was fantastic.”


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