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Camden Cox Combines Club Vibes with Deep Emotions in Her Latest Single, “Shivers”

Camden Cox, known for her skill in blending dance music with themes of joy and sorrow, has released a new single, “Shivers.”

The track, a collaboration with the notable dance music duo Punctual, is a vibrant house song that delves into the repeating patterns of love and forgiveness. Underneath its dynamic beats is a profound beauty, capturing those critical moments when a simple smile can dissolve tension and change the course of events.

“‘Shivers’ reflects a personal turning point where I chose to give something another shot,” explained Camden Cox. “It embodies the rush of forgiveness that comes when a smile breaks through the strife, making you fall in love with the same person over and over again.”

Camden Cox is currently enjoying a significant rise to fame, highlighted by performances at EDC Las Vegas and a tour with the iconic electronic trio Nero. Her recent achievements include winning the Hot Dance/Electronic Song award at the 2024 ASCAP London Awards for her contribution to John Summit and Hayla‘s worldwide dance hit, “Where You Are.”