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CESCO and Hamdi Release Highly Anticipated Single “Swing King”

After generating considerable buzz during the festival season, one of the most awaited IDs of the year, “Swing King,” has finally been released by Cesco and Hamdi.

The track, out now on Alix Perez’s 1985 Music imprint, is a testament to the 140 BPM renaissance, showcasing the innovative production styles of both Cesco and Hamdi. The minimalistic intro sets the stage with a hypnotic soundscape, leading to an enthralling drop characterized by snaking bass stabs. “Swing King” stands out as one of the standout electronic tracks of the year, further establishing these talented UK producers on the global music scene.

“Swing King” is not the end of Cesco’s musical journey. Serving as the second single from his upcoming EP, Up The Place, it follows the release of his impactful track “GITP.” The full EP is scheduled for release on December 8th, promising fans more experimental and innovative music.

Listeners can experience the electronic magic of “Swing King” on various streaming platforms. The track’s release has been met with previous support from renowned artists such as Skrillex, Noisia, PEEKABOO, and more.

Cesco and Hamdi’s “Swing King” is a must-listen for electronic music enthusiasts, marking a significant moment in the 140 BPM genre.