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Charli Lark Drops Infectious Remix Pack for Hit Single “Limbo”

Emerging singer-songwriter Charli Lark is causing a stir in the dance music scene with the release of an electrifying remix pack for her emotive single, “Limbo.” Following the success of the original track, Lark has enlisted some of the UK’s finest dance music talent to put their own spin on “Limbo,” resulting in a collection of five infectious club remixes.

“Limb” explores themes of liberation and empowerment, drawing from Lark’s personal experiences. Speaking about the song and its remixes, Lark expressed that she wanted to capture a sense of freedom and vitality, which perfectly encapsulates the energy of the club scene.

Each remixer brings their own unique style to the table, breathing new life into “Limbo” and transforming it into a dancefloor anthem. From Charlotte Van de Peer’s tech house vibes to Ruff Loaderz and LIMIT3R’s funky interpretations, each remix offers a fresh perspective on the original track.

For fans of Lark and electronic music enthusiasts alike, the “Limbo” remix pack promises an electrifying listening experience. Lark’s ability to connect with her audience on a profound level shines through in this dancefloor-ready release, solidifying her status as one to watch in the industry.

Listen to the full remix pack below.