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David Guetta Puts His Spin on “Perfect (Exceeder)” by Mason and Princess Superstar

In a thrilling collaboration that bridges past and present, internationally renowned DJ and producer David Guetta joins forces with Mason and Princess Superstar to breathe new life into the dance classic “Perfect (Exceeder)“.

The track, originally released in 2007 as a mashup of Mason’s instrumental dance hit ‘Exceeder’ and Princess Superstar’s electro-pop single ‘Perfect’, has seen a resurgence in popularity after its feature in the cult hit movie Saltburn. Now, under the guidance of Amsterdam-, New York-, and London-based dance label Armada Music, the iconic track undergoes a transformation at the hands of Guetta.

Guetta, a Grammy-winning producer and DJ Mag’s number one DJ in the world, infuses his signature style into the remix, delivering a dynamic blend of progressive and electro-house elements. With pulsating basslines, high-impact kicks, and resonant snare hits, Guetta’s rendition propels “Perfect (Exceeder)” into a fresh and vibrant dimension.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Guetta expressed his excitement to be part of the project, acknowledging the timelessness of the original track. Princess Superstar echoed his sentiments, describing the revamped version as “undeniably epic,” while Mason hailed Guetta as a powerhouse in the dance music scene.

Originally released in 2007, “Perfect (Exceeder)” quickly garnered attention for its infectious energy and infectious energy, leading to its inclusion in the soundtrack of Saltburn in 2023. The track’s resurgence in popularity has seen it climb the charts once again, entering the Official UK Top 40 Charts and Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart.

With over 50 million views across various platforms and placements in Spotify’s Viral 50 in more than 46 countries, “Perfect (Exceeder)” continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Now, with Guetta’s remix, the track is set to reach new heights, solidifying its status as a dance music classic.

Listen to “Perfect (Exceeder)” below: