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Dillon Francis Sparks EDM Renaissance with Explosive Album Sequel, “This Mixtape Is Fire TOO”

Dillon Francis, the luminary of electronic music, rekindles the blazing spirit of his iconic record with the release of the highly anticipated sequel, “This Mixtape Is Fire TOO.” The 14-track sonic journey is a testament to Francis’ ability to fuse top-tier collaborators with the innovative energy of rising stars, once again pushing the boundaries of dance music.

In this eclectic offering, Dillon Francis effortlessly intertwines the essence of his enduring collaborative relationships with the inventive fervor of emerging talents. Reminiscent of the critically acclaimed “This Mixtape Is Fire” from 2015, the diverse project showcases Francis’ commitment to evolving his sound while maintaining the core elements that made its predecessor a success.

Venturing into uncharted sonic territories, Francis collaborates with Good Times Ahead for the eccentric “LA On Acid,” a fusion of acid and bounce featuring a mind-bending cameo from Diplo in its visually mesmerizing music video. The album also features collaborations with dance music stalwart Alesso on the groovy “Free,” adorned with the sultry vocals of Clementine Douglas.

Beyond showcasing dance music superstars, Francis elevates the voices of emerging talents. Notably, the track “buttons!” featuring Knock2 delivers a bass house anthem that is both edgy and invigorating. Diversifying the album further, “Pretty People” spotlights Turkish star INJI, offering an earworm of a hook with unending repeat potential.

Released via Astralwerks, “This Mixtape Is Fire TOO” serves as a long-awaited reaffirmation that Dillon Francis’ musical madness has a distinct method. Immerse yourself in the full album stream below to experience the sonic revolution crafted by this EDM virtuoso.