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Heavee Unleashes Sonic Diversity with Debut Album on Hyperdub

Renowned footwork producer Heavee is set to make waves with his upcoming album, Unleash, marking his full-length debut on the iconic Hyperdub label. The release takes center stage as Hyperdub celebrates its 20th anniversary, making it a milestone for both the artist and the esteemed imprint.

Unleash comprises a dynamic collection of 14 tracks, expanding Heavee’s sonic palette beyond the confines of traditional footwork. Drawing inspiration from R&B, jazz, rap, and grime, the album seamlessly weaves these genres into footwork’s signature 160 BPM rhythmic structure. The result is a genre-blurring sonic journey that promises to captivate audiences on the dancefloor.

Heavee’s musical evolution on Unleash follows his well-received Audio Assault EP for Hyperdub in 2022. The album’s announcement is accompanied by an engaging online adventure game, offering fans an interactive experience that mirrors the diverse influences present in the music.

One of the standout tracks from Unleash is the lead single, “Sumthin’ Different,” a compelling preview of the album’s sonic tapestry. The track, along with the full album, is set to drop on March 15th, adding an extra layer of anticipation for fans eager to delve into Heavee’s latest musical endeavor.

As Hyperdub continues to push boundaries in electronic music, Unleash stands as a testament to Heavee’s ability to navigate and integrate various musical genres within the footwork framework. The album not only marks a significant moment in the artist’s career but also contributes to the ongoing legacy of Hyperdub as a trailblazing label.

With Unleash, Heavee invites listeners to join him on a genre-defying sonic journey that transcends traditional footwork boundaries, showcasing his prowess as a producer with a unique vision. As the album prepares to hit the airwaves, the excitement builds for the next chapter in Heavee’s musical exploration.