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John Digweed Unleashes Highly Anticipated Album "Futuro,"

John Digweed Unleashes Highly Anticipated Album “Futuro,” a Sonic Odyssey Through Contemporary Acid House

Renowned DJ John Digweed has dropped his latest album, Futuro, a diverse compilation released through Bedrock Records on November 17th. Featuring 25 exclusive tracks immersed in synth-drenched acid house, the album showcases Digweed’s talent in curating a stellar lineup of artists, including David Morales, Rodriguez Jr, Bushwacka, Marco Bailey, Nick Muir, and Captain Mustache.

Meticulously curated and mixed by the UK legend himself, Futuro kicks off with the atmospheric “FuturaScent Intro” by Digweed and Nick Muir. The album takes listeners on an irrepressible odyssey through the exciting landscape of contemporary acid house music, featuring intricate polyrhythms, synth-soaked euphoria, and enthralling breakbeats.

The lead single, Bushwacka’s enthralling breakbeat “Lectrobee,” sets the tone on CD1. CD2 highlights include the uptempo heater “Bleu Cobalt” by John Digweed, Nick Muir, and Captain Mustache, along with the futuristic stunner “The Last Call” by Martin HERRS, Aliot & Bunbeck.

John Digweed expresses pride in the album, stating, “I am really proud of this latest album, there are so many amazing producers that have delivered some incredible music ranging from ambient to house, breaks, techno and so much more.” The release marks another milestone in Digweed’s industrious year, following the EP Tripchain / Scanalatura and the celebration of 25 years of Bedrock.

A DJ’s DJ, John Digweed’s unique approach has set him apart in the international DJing scene, maintaining a level of integrity that has become a benchmark for the industry. With a groundbreaking list of achievements, including the first official DJ mix compilation and being voted #1 by DJ Magazine in 2001, Digweed continues to be a driving force in the world of electronic music.

Futuro’s tracklist spans two CDs, featuring a diverse array of artists and styles, capturing the essence of the forward-thinking release. The album promises a thrilling musical journey, showcasing the creativity of both established and emerging talents in the acid house genre.

Listen to the Futuro album and embark on a sonic odyssey through contemporary acid house.