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Kygo and Ava Max Offer a Contemporary Twist with “Whatever”

Dance music thrives on reinvention, blending classic tunes with modern beats to captivate audiences. Kygo and Ava Max take this concept to new heights with their latest single, “Whatever,” drawing inspiration from Shakira‘s iconic track Whenever, Wherever.

Kygo’s journey in the music scene, beginning with his debut album Cloud Nine, has been marked by tropical rhythms and infectious melodies that have solidified his position on mainstages worldwide. Despite venturing into diverse styles, he retains the essence of his signature sound. Teaming up with Ava Max, they breathe new life into Shakira’s timeless hit, infusing it with contemporary dance elements.

Opening with Ava Max’s vocals over a pulsating kick and gentle guitar strums, the track sets a captivating tone. The pre-chorus echoes the familiar melody of the original, but with Max’s poignant twist: “Whatever, whatever, We were never good together, I’ll be here and you stay there, Truth is, I never cared.”

This bold reinterpretation offers a stark contrast to Shakira’s boundless love, yet maintains the melody’s allure—a technique reminiscent of David Guetta’s recent hits. With “Whatever,” Kygo and Ava Max deliver a fresh anthem poised to dominate festivals and airwaves throughout the year.