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Like Mike Ventures into Melodic Techno with Debut Solo Project, HEREON: Listen to “Pulsating Energy”

Belgian DJ and producer Like Mike, renowned for his part in the chart-topping duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, introduces his solo venture into melodic techno with the debut project named HEREON. The unveiling comes alongside the release of the inaugural single, “Pulsating Energy,” a haunting techno track produced in collaboration with Florentin and Sam Martin.

The track, now available via Tomorrowland Music, showcases Like Mike’s versatility as an artist, exploring a more eerie and melodic techno sound while maintaining the anthemic vigor typically associated with his mainstage productions. “Pulsating Energy” features Sam Martin’s powerful vocals intertwined with a compelling techno arrangement, marking a departure from Like Mike’s signature festival sound.

As Like Mike ventures into the melodic techno landscape with HEREON, “Pulsating Energy” serves as a compelling introduction, inviting listeners into a darker and more intricate sonic journey. Keep an eye on HEREON for more innovative releases in the near future.

HEREON promises more releases in the coming weeks, signaling an exciting new chapter for Like Mike as he delves into the flourishing realm of melodic techno. To experience the captivating debut, stream “Pulsating Energy” below.