Mezmah Introduces His Latest Banger “Like The Letter A”

UK rapper, Mezmah, shares a bashing new Hip Hop track called “Like The Letter A.” The multi-cultural artist expresses his frustration with the current music scene and fires at the industry with great subtlety.  

Mezmah contemplates his existence, “Like the letter A starts with a sharpened pencil/ I’m here sharpening mine/ Tipping over the blue tears about to spill on this rhyme/ One sugar with my coffee/ Same Monday in lacking excitement existence/ Call me the pange drift cause I’m ’bout to drift the continents/, separate the continents/ Some of the current faces of rap calls for a cosmetologist/ Hip hop these days follows the gossip/ Hope you remember this here knowledge/ Herding sheeps in wolves clothing.”

Growing up in the UK and Africa, the talented rapper makes use of his different musical influences. Mixing Hip Hop and R&B, Mezmah applies his experience and knowledge to create a sound that can only be attributed to him.

“Like The Letter A” follows Better Late Than Never, which includes tracks like “Strangers Now” “Soul Searching,” “Future Past,” and “Time Now.”

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Listen to “Like The Letter A” here:


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