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Surreal Park to Launch JETSET Club: A Unique Music Experience in Brazil

Surreal Park to Launch JETSET Club: A Unique Music Experience in Brazil

Brazil’s Surreal Park, known for its stunning landscapes and innovative club designs, is set to introduce a groundbreaking concept this summer with the launch of JETSET. Spearheaded by visionary Renato Ratier, this new venture promises to redefine the music and nightlife scene within Brazil.

Amidst a surge of creativity and growth in Brazil’s music landscape, Surreal Park stands out as a hub of innovation. Following the success of its massive superclub design in 2021, the park is poised for another game-changing upgrade. At the heart of this transformation lies the disassembly and refurbishment of a Boeing 727-200 airplane at Curitiba airport, which will soon find its new home within Surreal Park.

Scheduled to open its doors in the summer of 2024, JETSET will revolve around the revamped Boeing 727, encased in a sleek chromium outer shell. This unique venue will feature a runway, bar, and wings, offering guests an unparalleled observation deck experience. While the physical aesthetic promises to be breathtaking, it’s the music that will truly set JETSET apart.

As preparations for the JETSET installation near completion, Surreal Park continues to host an array of world-class DJs and producers. Upcoming events boast stellar line-ups, including MARGARET DYGAS on March 16th and a star-studded roster featuring Anna, Bhaskar, Illusionize, Ratier, and Wehbba on March 29th. Additionally, April will see the return of the Surreal Festival, captivating audiences on the 13th with an unforgettable night of music.

Stay tuned for more updates on JETSET as it gears up to make its mark on Brazil’s summer of 2024. In the meantime, get a glimpse behind the scenes of the ambitious project as Surreal Park prepares to unveil its latest masterpiece.

JETSET club prepares to open within Brazil's Surreal Park