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TYCHO Announces “Infinite Health” Album and First North American Tour in Five Years

Tycho, the acclaimed live electronic artist, has just announced a new single, an upcoming album, and his first North American tour in five years. The album, titled “Infinite Health“, will be his sixth studio release, promising a sound that balances hope for the future with reflections on the past.

Known for his ability to create immersive soundscapes, Tycho—real name Scott Hansen—describes “Infinite Health” as a project inspired by a more electronic-forward approach, focusing heavily on breaks, drums, and rhythmic elements.

The album’s first single, “Phantom”, stands out as a significant track. Tycho collaborated with Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear and longtime partner Zac Brown to create a song that he spent the most time refining. “Phantom” is meant to evoke the feeling of lights in a nightclub combined with an enigmatic presence, exploring themes of existence and mortality. The phantom in the song symbolizes the ever-present reality of mortality.

“I wanted ‘Phantom’ to feel like a blend of lights in a nightclub with some unknown entity; a moving and shifting intelligence that served as a conduit to a deeper understanding of what’s beneath the surface of existence,” Tycho explained in a press release. “It’s also about coming to terms with mortality, with the phantom being the ever-present specter. I spent more hours on this song than any other on the record. I played a Juno emulation for that bassline, and I feel like that bassline, and style of bass playing, is something pretty new for me.”

“Infinite Health” invites listeners to reflect on their own lives and the passage of time through its lush electronic textures, intricate rhythms, and emotive melodies. Tycho’s music has always had a cinematic quality, and this album continues that tradition with a deeper emphasis on electronic elements.

Along with the album, Tycho’s North American tour will give fans the chance to experience his music live after a five-year hiatus. Known for visually captivating performances that combine music and imagery, Tycho’s shows are a unique experience. The tour will feature tracks from “Infinite Health” as well as fan favorites from his previous work, providing a comprehensive look at his musical journey.

For fans, this announcement is an exciting moment. The new single “Phantom” showcases Tycho’s attention to detail and thematic depth, setting the stage for the rest of the album. As Tycho prepares to hit the road again, “Infinite Health” is poised to make a significant impact.

Overall, Tycho continues to push the boundaries of electronic music with “Infinite Health.” His ability to blend storytelling with innovative sound design sets him apart, and this latest project is anticipated to be one of his most compelling works. Fans are eagerly awaiting the album and tour, ready to dive into Tycho’s meticulously crafted soundscapes once more.