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10 of the Best Releases in Electronic Music this Year

Electronic music has had an exceptional year, with artists pushing boundaries. The genre has delivered diverse releases that show the creativity and innovation of its producers. Today, we highlight ten of the best electronic music releases of the year, including albums and singles that have stood out for their artistry, production quality, and impact. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the genre, these releases are essential listening.

Bicep – “Water”

Bicep‘s “Water” stands out as one of the top electronic music releases this year, showcasing the duo’s signature blend of emotive breakbeats and lush synths. Hailing from Belfast, Bicep continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, delivering a track that is both intricate and deeply moving. “Water” reaffirms Bicep’s status as pioneers in the electronic scene.

Four Tet – “Sixteen Oceans”

Four Tet‘s “Sixteen Oceans” is a standout release this year, epitomizing Kieran Hebden’s mastery of blending ambient, house, and experimental electronic music. The album tracks like “Baby” and “Love Salad” show Hebden’s ability to create emotive melodies and intricate beats.

Floating Points – “Promises”

Floating Points‘ “Promises,” a collaboration with jazz legend Pharoah Sanders and the London Symphony Orchestra, is a groundbreaking release in electronic music this year. This album fuses electronic, jazz, and classical elements, creating a transcendent listening experience. Sam Shepherd, the man behind Floating Points, delivers a continuous 46-minute piece that ebbs and flows with intricate synth patterns, Sanders’ soulful saxophone, and lush orchestral arrangements. The album’s meditative and expansive nature makes it a profound auditory journey.

Hourstone – Milky Way Rising

Hourstone‘s new single and music video, “Milky Way Rising,” explores the singer’s raw and powerful inner world. The video features a captivating dance performance by Amanda Kang, who returns to the Hourstone universe after her prominent role in the 2019 debut single, “Halfway House.” This collaboration highlights Kang’s stunning choreography and deepens the emotional impact of Hourstone’s latest release.

Ross From Friends – “Tread”

Ross From Friends‘ “Tread” is a powerful electronic music release this year, blending lo-fi house, techno, and experimental sounds into a cohesive and catchy album. Felix Clary Weatherall, the artist behind Ross From Friends, shows his unique approach to electronic music with intricate production and emotional depth. Tracks like “The Daisy” and “Love Divide” highlight his ability to combine nostalgic vibes with forward-thinking beats, creating a sound that is both retro and innovative.

Overmono – “Cash Romantic”

Overmono‘s “Cash Romantic” stands as one of the premier electronic releases this year, demonstrating the duo’s exceptional ability to blend UK garage, techno, and ambient influences. The EP features tracks that are both rhythmically compelling and emotionally resonant, such as “Gunk” and “Bone Mics.” Each track offers a distinct vibe, yet together they create a cohesive and immersive experience.

DJ Seinfeld – “Mirrors”

DJ Seinfeld‘s “Mirrors” is a highlight in this year’s electronic music scene, blending nostalgic house beats with electronic production. The album features tracks like “U Already Know” and “These Things Will Come To Be,” which capture a sense of introspection and euphoria. This release underscores his evolution as an artist, offering a rich and engaging listening experience.

Caterina Barbieri – “Fantas Variations”

Caterina Barbieri‘s “Fantas Variations” is a sick electronic music release that stands out this year. The album explores the possibilities of modular synthesis, presenting a meditative journey through complex soundscapes. Each track is a reinterpretation of Barbieri’s earlier work “Fantas,” with contributions from various artists who bring their unique perspectives.

Actress – “Karma & Desire”

Actress‘ “Karma & Desire” is a highlight in electronic music this year, blending ambient, experimental, and techno elements with finesse. Tracks like “Angels Pharmacy” and “Loveless” show Actress’ skill in creating intricate, atmospheric sounds. The album focuses on themes of existence and introspection, offering a one-of-a-kind listening experience.

TSHA – “OnlyL”

TSHA‘s “OnlyL” is a notable electronic music release this year, proving her skillful blend of house, disco, and pop influences. The EP features energetic and engaging melodies, with the title track, featuring NIMMO, standing out for its strong beats and expressive vocals.