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Adriatique and Undercatt Collaborate on Intriguing EP ‘Horizon’

Zurich-based duo Adriatique, comprised of Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer, join forces with Undercatt to deliver a captivating two-part EP titled Horizon. Released on Friday via Adriatique’s newly minted label X Recordings, the EP showcases an enthralling fusion of melodic techno.

Collaborations often lead to musical tapestries enriched with depth and excitement, and Horizon is no exception. Adriatique’s partnership with Undercatt for this mesmerizing EP takes listeners on a journey through dense realms of melodic techno, blending their distinct creative energies seamlessly.Adriatique, renowned for their pioneering contributions to the melodic techno landscape, have established themselves as trailblazers with their futuristic and groundbreaking sound. Their imprint X Recordings, introduced with The Future Is Unknown, reflects their commitment to pushing boundaries within the genre. Now, with the release of Horizon, Adriatique further solidifies their place in the electronic music sphere with this powerful collaboration.Undercatt, also a luminary in the genre, brings his own brand of atmospheric techno to the table. Making his debut on X Recordings with Horizon, Undercatt’s contribution adds another layer of depth to the EP, following the success of his previous single We Are Your Friends.The title track, Horizon, embarks on a mesmerizing 6-minute odyssey, weaving intricate melodies into a captivating tapestry of sound. With its blend of metallic elements and organic textures, the track exudes an aura of mystery and progression, inviting listeners into an immersive sonic experience.On Vera, the EP takes a softer turn, inviting listeners into a hypnotic daydream with its ethereal lead and atmospheric narrative. While maintaining the galactic and futuristic concept, Vera explores a more contemplative and introspective sonic landscape.Horizon presents two elegant and masterfully produced compositions that showcase the collaborative prowess of Adriatique and Undercatt. Dive into the enchanting sounds of the EP below.