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Hardwell and Bassjackers Unleash Electrifying Collaboration “Energy”

In a monumental collaboration that sets dance floors ablaze, Dutch powerhouses Hardwell and Bassjackers join forces to unleash their electrifying single “Energy,” now available via Revealed Recordings.

“Energy” marks the first collaboration between Hardwell and Bassjackers, two titans of the dance music scene known for their dynamic and high-energy productions. Combining Hardwell’s signature production prowess with Bassjackers’ infectious basslines and energy-driven beats, the track is a sonic rollercoaster designed to ignite dance festivals worldwide.

From the onset, “Energy” exudes a palpable sense of anticipation, with punchy techno kicks laying the foundation for a relentless onslaught of melodic grooves and rave synths. As the track builds to its explosive climax, listeners are engulfed in a wave of euphoria and adrenaline, propelled by the sheer power of the music.

The release of “Energy” marks a significant milestone in the careers of both Hardwell and Bassjackers, showcasing their unwavering commitment to pushing musical boundaries and delivering unforgettable experiences to their audience. As festival season approaches, “Energy” stands poised to dominate dance floors with its infectious energy and undeniable appeal.

Prepare to be swept away by the electrifying sounds of Hardwell and Bassjackers as they redefine the festival anthem genre with their groundbreaking collaboration. Experience the pulse-pounding intensity of “Energy” on Spotify and all major streaming platforms.