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Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland Unveils Game-Changing Festival Cosmetics Line, FMU Beauty

Alison Wonderland has officially introduced her new line of festival-geared, cruelty-free cosmetics, FMU Beauty. Following the establishment of FMU Records in December 2022—six months after the release of her third studio album—the Australian trailblazer revamped her Whyte Fang alias, performing a variety of high-profile shows leading up to Whyte Fang’s debut album, GENESIS, released in April 2023. Perhaps her most significant accomplishment, Alison Wonderland welcomed her beloved baby boy, Max, into the world. She impressively powered through the late stages of her pregnancy, honoring main stage festival bookings as Max prepared to make his arrival. Remarkably, Alison Wonderland took the EDC stage last year at nine months pregnant, with a medical team and ambulance waiting backstage, just in case.

Entering 2024, Alison Wonderland’s creative output slowed down; understandably so, as the new mother focused on spending invaluable time with her infant child. Still, after reigniting her music career in April with the release of “Satellite” featuring Dimension, the FMU label head has launched an innovative line of festival-friendly makeup. Years in development, FMU Beauty emphasizes self-expression through blacklight. The humane cosmetics company offers an affordable selection of neon-forward beauty products designed for festival goers and expressive individuals alike.

“FMUB is dedicated to empowering individuals to express their true selves through vibrant and daring beauty products. Get ready to turn heads, set trends, and unleash your creativity…”

Learn more about Alison Wonderland’s latest venture by visiting the FMU Beauty website. Music festivals are a sacred space to let your freak flag fly. But after rattling the rail for hours in the desert heat, many are left with raccoon eyes and a melted base with nowhere to turn but a filthy porta-potty.

Alison Wonderland understands—raging that hard requires makeup that won’t crease, cake, or disappear, and you need fortified formulas as relentless as you are. She’s now launched FMU Beauty, a “festival-friendly” cosmetics line to let your makeup face the music with you.

An ode to the uninhibited spirit of festival life, the new makeup line was essentially created so ravers can go the distance from the RV camp to the afterparty without heavy maintenance. FMU Beauty’s “performance-driven” cosmetics are “specifically formulated to withstand the demands of all-day, all-night dancing and celebration,” according to its website.