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ALWZ SNNY and Robbie Rosen Unleash Festival-Ready Anthem “King of Hearts” via Insomniac Records

In an electrifying collaboration, ALWZ SNNY and singer Robbie Rosen have forged an explosive dance track, “King of Hearts.” The song, released via Insomniac Records/Discovery Project, not only highlights their musical synergy but also signifies a significant milestone for ALWZ SNNY, securing a win in the coveted Discovery Project by Insomniac for Escape Halloween.

“King of Hearts” emerges as a mainstage happy hardcore tune, capturing the hearts of listeners with its infectious energy and anthemic vocal performance by Rosen, an acclaimed American Idol finalist. The track showcases ALWZ SNNY’s talent and marks his debut release with Insomniac Records, a heavyweight label in the electronic dance music scene.

ALWZ SNNY’s successful 2023 includes the Billboard Dance Mix Show/Radio charts’ achievement with the collaboration “Every Thought of You” alongside GT_Ofice, which reached an impressive #26. “King of Hearts” is a testament to ALWZ SNNY’s perseverance and belief in his craft, as the track initially faced mixed reviews but ultimately gained recognition from none other than Darren Styles.

“I always believed ‘King of Hearts’ was a great song. I let so many people hear it to get feedback, and honestly, no one really liked it. I just kept with it and decided to submit it, and Darren Styles believed in it. Really just goes to show if you truly believe in something, do it, forget what anyone thinks,” shared ALWZ SNNY.

Hailing from Annapolis, Maryland, ALWZ SNNY has become synonymous with a happy and melodic sound, blending elements of hard dance, mainstage, and progressive house. Recognized for his signature sunshine mask with three smiles, he has graced major festivals like Moonrise and Project Glow, along with prominent venues such as Echostage.

As “King of Hearts” resonates with festival-goers, ALWZ SNNY’s debut on Insomniac Records further cements his position as a rising star in the electronic dance music scene. The track is now available for streaming, inviting dance music enthusiasts to experience the exhilarating synergy of ALWZ SNNY and Robbie Rosen.

Listen to “King of Hearts” by ALWZ SNNY and Robbie Rosen here.