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Massano Unleashes Long-Awaited Afterlife EP with Unique Tracks “Shut Down” and “Cybernova”

The anticipation has finally given way to sonic euphoria as Massano releases the much-awaited “Shut Down” and “Cybernova” through Afterlife. Recognized for their distinct and energetic vibes within the realm of melodic techno, these tracks have quickly gained acclaim, propelling Massano into the spotlight.

Blurring the lines of dark progressive house, “Shut Down” has become a social media sensation since early 2023. This masterpiece has not only found its place in numerous Tale of Us sets but has also graced stages at prestigious events such as Coachella, Tomorrowland, and Afterlife shows worldwide. The Afterlife EP has undeniably cemented Massano’s reputation as a maestro of melodic techno.

The allure of the EP extends beyond the limelight of “Shut Down.” The B-side, “Cybernova,” demonstrates Massano’s prowess in seamlessly blending softer melodies with his trademark assertive basslines. It stands as a testament to his artistic range, crafting compositions that are simultaneously uplifting and energetically charged. With 11 releases in the past six months, including contributions to his own Simulate imprint and a single on Drumcode, Massano is unquestionably on the cusp of a breakout year in 2024.

As the Afterlife EP continues to make waves, Massano’s artistic evolution is one to watch. Stream the “Shut Down” EP and witness the convergence of innovation and emotion that defines Massano’s musical journey.