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Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte Unveils Époque, A New Label Revitalizing Belgian Techno Legacy

Techno titan Charlotte de Witte is expanding her influence in the electronic music realm with the launch of Époque, a new label under the umbrella of her renowned KNTXT imprint. This new venture stands as a testament to de Witte’s dedication to both honoring and invigorating the illustrious history of techno music, particularly its roots in Belgium.

Époque emerges as a vibrant tribute to Belgium’s techno heritage, aiming to rejuvenate classic anthems from the country’s prolific underground club scene spanning the late 1990s to early 2000s. This archival label is set to interweave the nostalgic essence of bygone days with contemporary electronic music’s pulsating energy.

In her own words, de Witte describes Époque as a unique fusion of past and present: “Époque is a Belgian label and nightlife archive by KNTXT and yours truly,” she stated. “In collaboration with clubs and labels, past and present, we capture the spirit and lifestyle of our bygone discotheque culture. The Époque label remixes iconic tracks, brings back dance classics, and uses club memories and aesthetics to translate them into unique new tracks produced by the current electronic scene.”

The inaugural release on Époque will be de Witte’s own reinterpretation of the iconic techno track “Universal Nation” by Push. Originally envisioned as a B-side, “Universal Nation” unexpectedly rose to legendary status, becoming the defining anthem of its era. De Witte’s modern take on this classic track is eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike, promising to be a powerful link between the past and the present of techno music.

With Époque, Charlotte de Witte isn’t just preserving history; she’s redefining it, breathing new life into the classics, and shaping the future of techno music. The label promises to be a beacon for techno enthusiasts, bridging the gap between the genre’s rich past and its boundless future.