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Armin van Buuren & ARTBAT Collide in Electrifying “Take Off” Collaboration

A backstage conversation at Armin van Buuren‘s iconic trance festival, A State of Trance, in 2023, has led to a momentous collaboration between techno powerhouse duo ARTBAT and the trance pioneer himself. Released today on Armada Music, “Take Off” marks the fusion of ARTBAT’s pulsating basslines and rolling rhythms with Armin van Buuren’s iconic trance elements, resulting in an enthralling blend of trance-meets-techno.

In this debut cross-genre collaboration, ARTBAT’s distinctive sound is seamlessly intertwined with Armin van Buuren’s expertise, creating a dynamic and innovative musical experience. Reflecting on the collaboration, ARTBAT expresses their excitement at collaborating with a dance music legend like Armin van Buuren, emphasizing the special nature of the partnership and its transformative impact on their sound.

Armin van Buuren, equally enthusiastic about the collaboration, draws inspiration from ARTBAT’s exceptional performance at last year’s A State of Trance festival. Despite being deeply involved in producing his album, the unique sound and energy of ARTBAT’s music ignited creative ideas, leaving him thrilled about the collaboration.

“Take Off” is now available on Armada Music, inviting listeners to embark on an exhilarating journey through the convergence of trance and techno. Stream the track on Spotify or your preferred platform to experience the synergy between two powerhouse acts in electronic music.