Artwork For Álvaro morte’s NFT Project Sold Out in 3 Minutes

Álvaro Morte, better known as The Professor from the Netflix series Money Heist, recently launched his first NFT project, nonfungiblestory, with the Spanish heist drama’s co-Director Koldo Serra. The long-awaited collection dropped on November 14 and sold out in less than 3 minutes. The NFT holders may in the future get the chance to meet The Professor and Koldo, answer questions, join private events, and even actively participate in the creation of the movie, founded by the “Non-Fungible project.”

“Our vision for the overall Non-Fungible Story is to give our fans an immersive and value-added experience where they will be able to acquire a unique NFT of their favorite stars, which gives the community the ability to have ownership of their fandom,” Álvaro and Koldo said.

Join the “Non-Funglible Story” here.


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