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Avicii’s Anthem “Hey Brother” Joins Exclusive Spotify Party

After racking up a staggering billion streams, Avicii’s hit “Hey Brother” continues to prove the unifying power of dance music.

This folksy dance gem, released in October 2013 by the late EDM legend and bluegrass singer-songwriter Dan Tyminski, has now crossed the elusive billion-stream milestone on Spotify.

With its blend of banjo twangs and pulsing synths, “Hey Brother” breaks through barriers of genre and age, uniting listeners worldwide. It’s a reminder that, no matter how tough the journey, we’re never alone on life’s winding path.

Embedded in its timeless melody and lyrics is a message of solidarity: “What if I’m far from home?” Tyminski asks, capturing the universal longing for connection and understanding. “Oh brother, I will hear you call,” he reassures.

“Hey Brother” becomes the fifth of Avicii’s tracks to achieve this remarkable feat, following “Wake Me Up,” “The Nights,” “Waiting For Love,” and “Without You.”

To mark the occasion, Avicii’s estate has unveiled an interview with Tyminski, recorded during his performance at last year’s “Together For a Better Day” concert at the Avicii Arena. In it, he shares the story behind the song’s creation, sparked by a playful ultimatum from his daughter.

“I instantly fell in love with the song,” Tyminski reflects. “It’s like a divine gift, touching hearts all over the world.”