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BETAWELT Drops Groovy "My Body"

BETAWELT Drops Groovy “My Body” EP: Disco Meets House in a Modern Masterpiece

From a solo act to a dynamic duo, BETAWELT continues to gift the world with timeless music. Their latest offering, My Body, seamlessly blends disco and house, creating an immersive experience that will have you grooving from start to finish.

This EP is a sonic journey through time. BETAWELT masterfully blends the infectious energy of 80s disco with the driving rhythms of contemporary house and tech house. This showcase of versatility arrives at the perfect moment, guaranteed to captivate audiences worldwide.

For over two decades, BETAWELT has been pushing boundaries in electronic music. Their unwavering passion for the genre shines through in every track, setting them apart from the crowd. From countless Ibiza shows to global tours, this dynamic duo shows no signs of slowing down. Judging by the brilliance of My Body, the future of BETAWELT’s music is nothing short of electrifying.

Destined for dance floor dominance, My Body will have you moving in no time. This certified hit is just the beginning for BETAWELT. We’ll be keeping a close eye on their future endeavors, but for now, dive into the sonic delights of My Body below.