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Carl Cox x ZENITH Unveil the DEFY Extreme Limited Edition Watch

Carl Cox x ZENITH Unveil the DEFY Extreme Limited Edition Watch

ZENITH, the renowned Swiss watchmaker, has once again partnered with legendary DJ and electronic music pioneer Carl Cox to reveal their latest collaborative masterpiece: the DEFY Extreme. Limited to just 100 timepieces worldwide, this collection is a resounding tribute to the dynamic world of DJing.

Carl Cox, an iconic figure in the world of DJing, known for his groundbreaking contributions to electronic music, shares a close bond with ZENITH. Together, they embarked on a journey to create a watch that authentically represents their shared values and identity. Drawing inspiration from the DJ’s essential toolkit, the DEFY Extreme features design elements influenced by Cox’s cherished turntable.

One of the most captivating features of this timepiece is its trio of black chronograph counters, ingeniously crafted to resemble miniature vinyl records. Beyond their visual appeal, these counters are fully functional, adding a layer of practicality to the watch. They also serve as a visual homage to the musical origins that sparked this collaboration. The minute track, adorned with meticulously aligned dots, pays homage to the hypnotic strobe effect often seen on turntable sides, encapsulating the essence of rhythmic motion and musical innovation.

The DEFY Extreme stands as a testament to visionary design. Its matte-finished stainless steel and yellow gold case exude a captivating retro-futuristic charm, seamlessly blending elements of the past and future. Moreover, this timepiece offers remarkable versatility, boasting an interchangeable black rubber strap and a black Velcro strap. Thanks to an integrated strap-changing mechanism within the case, transitioning between these options is effortless.

In a celebration of the powerful connection between music and time, ZENITH and Carl Cox have curated a special playlist titled “Carl Cox x ZENITH.” This playlist, available on Spotify and ZENITH’s website, encapsulates the soul of a DJ and the beats that have shaped Carl Cox’s remarkable journey.

Exclusively released through ZENITH’s official website and select boutiques across the globe, the DEFY Extreme Limited Edition Watch captures the spirit of rhythm, innovation, and limitless potential. With only 100 units available, it stands as both a collectible and a symbol of the enduring partnership between ZENITH and Carl Cox.