CLRBLND. Releases Debut Single “Falling Back”

Many musicians might become overwhelmed by the pressure when it comes to releasing their first song, which prevents them from establishing a strong first impression. The same cannot be true of CLRBLND., who, with the release of his first single “Falling Back,” delivers the ideal first impression.

Michael Bolland, also known as CLRBLND., is a Denver, Colorado-based producer, performer, and composer of electronic dance music who is ringing in the new year with a brand-new endeavor. CLRBLND., one half of the rapidly ascending duo Who’s Calling, is no stranger to the dance music world, and with his skills and eye for something special, he is sure to be the success of this new endeavor.

Starting things off, CLRBLND. releases the project’s first single, “Falling Back,” a song that combines deep club sounds with his soothing vocals that flow through the verses and beautiful guitar chords that flow through the chorus. This song is immediately captivating since the breakdown places the vocals front and center. 

It’s a great track because of CLRBLND. supports those vocals with incredible melodies and synthesizers that fit the mood. The track is then finished off flawlessly for each drop as he creatively manipulates the vocals to make them appear synthesized, complemented with real-sounding electronic components and a bassline delivering the beat.


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