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Coffintexts I Like The Way She's Moving"

Coffintexts Unleashes Dynamic Rhythms in “I Like The Way She’s Moving” for Club Romantico

Coffintexts, a rising talent from Miami, has graced the electronic music scene with their latest single, “I Like The Way She’s Moving.” Released on January 12th, this vibrant track signifies Coffintexts’ exciting debut on the Club Romantico label, spearheaded by Florentino.

Renowned for pushing the boundaries of electronic soundscapes, “I Like The Way She’s Moving” is hailed as one of Coffintexts’ most powerful creations yet. The track embodies a fusion of robust UK garage and dubstep influences, seamlessly intertwined with Latin-inspired percussion, crafting an exhilarating auditory journey. This unique blend not only showcases Coffintexts’ versatility but also pays homage to the diverse roots of electronic music.

This latest offering follows the momentum of Coffintexts’ acclaimed 2023 EP, “Touch,” released under Clasico. The label, founded by Local Action’s Tom Lea and ELEANOR, continues to be a platform for innovative and emerging talents in the electronic music sphere.

Coffintexts’ “I Like The Way She’s Moving” is more than just a track; it’s a testament to the producer’s deep understanding and respect for the genre’s heritage while charting new territories. For those eager to dive deeper into Coffintexts’ world and the vibrant Miami underground scene that nurtured such talent, a revisit of DJ Mag’s 2023 feature provides insightful

exploration. As Coffintexts continues to redefine genre norms, their journey is a compelling narrative for electronic music enthusiasts and industry watchers alike.

Embrace the rhythmic intricacies and dance to the beat of Coffintexts’ latest gem, “I Like The Way She’s Moving,” available on Club Romantico. This track promises to be a staple on playlists and dance floors, offering a glimpse into the evolving landscape of electronic music and the creative prowess of Miami’s underground scene. Experience the fusion of sounds and let the track move you in ways only Coffintexts can orchestrate.