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CamelPhat Unleashes “Running Man” via MAHOOL, MDLBEAST Records’ Sub-Label

The dynamic electronic duo CamelPhat has unleashed their latest single, “Running Man,” under MAHOOL, the rapidly ascending sub-label of MDLBEAST Records known for its focus on house and techno. MAHOOL, meaning ‘giant’ in Arabic, has already made waves in the industry and is set to solidify its reputation with “Running Man,” the label’s third release, kickstarting a promising 2024.

“Running Man” is more than just a new entry on streaming platforms; it’s a track that has been eagerly awaited by CamelPhat’s fans. Already a staple in their electrifying sets at renowned venues like Printworks and various global festivals, the single has also garnered strong support from industry heavyweights including FISHER and Dom Dolla. With its official release, “Running Man” transforms from a highly anticipated ID into one of the standout anthems of 2024.

This release symbolizes the distinct CamelPhat sound and is indicative of the direction MAHOOL is headed. The label is not just releasing track after track but is curating a collection that showcases the hottest stars from the MENA region, with a plan to drop five exceptional tracks from now until March.

“Running Man” marks a significant moment for both CamelPhat and MAHOOL, showcasing the duo’s consistent ability to captivate the electronic music scene and the label’s commitment to showcasing emerging talents. The track’s pulsating beats and immersive rhythms are quintessential CamelPhat, embodying the essence of what fans adore about their music.

As CamelPhat continues to shape the soundscape of electronic music, their latest offering, “Running Man,” available on all streaming platforms, is a testament to their enduring influence in the genre. For MAHOOL, this release is a stepping stone towards becoming a beacon for house and techno enthusiasts worldwide.

Immerse yourself in the gripping beats of “Running Man” by CamelPhat and experience the innovative spirit of MAHOOL, a label poised to redefine the realms of house and techno in 2024 and beyond.