D.R.K.O Arouses Senses With Newly Shared Track “Ascension”

Talented producer and musician, D.R.K.O, strikes a chord once again with his latest release “Ascension.” The Electronic Dance track is meticulously curated and follows the successful singles “ADSR,” “Berlin,” and “Donnie.”

D.R.K.O shows great musical prowess and spreads positive energy by creating contagious electronic patterns and synths.  “Ascension” stands out with its dynamic beats that rely on harmonic drums and melodies that are very pleasing to the ear.

The American artist delivers sounds and timbres that stimulate the senses and hype up the crowds. D.R.K.O’s “Ascension” allows listeners to let go of their worries, free their minds, and give in to the rhythmic pulse and high tempo of the track.

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