Discover SONO, New Generation Record Label To Take You Across Genres And Cultures

Unconventional record label SONO is out conquering the world. Founded by Stefano Poillucci in southern Rome’s suburbs, the concept quickly turned into reality, promoting music and artists as well as connecting music lovers all around the world. “Our mission is to connect artists, creatives and music lovers all over the world, leaving the planet more colorful than we found it” – Stefano Poillucci, the CEO and Founder of SONO said. 

The ideology of SONO is promoting collective awareness and coming up with bold and creative solutions while at the same time spreading an enthusiasm for a borderless world. SONO is a growing reality and it’s constantly developing by making connections between artists of all genres, labels, companies and industry professionals.

Incorporating the Latin meaning of the word “sono” – sound – the team of professionals that comprises SONO is ready to take on the world of music while executing their clear objectives of bringing artists and fans together in a hub.

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