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Electronic Music’s Best of June, 2024

Celebrate the vibrant sounds of summer with Electronic Music’s Best of June 2024! This month’s lineup is filled with tracks that embody the spirit of the season, offering everything from sun-soaked anthems to euphoric dancefloor hits. Dive into a playlist curated to elevate your summer vibes, featuring standout releases from artists like Sean Tyas and Enigma State, Markus Schulz X Daxson, Sam Feldt, JVKE, Alex Kunnari & Bo Bruce, and many more. Get ready to groove and discover the tracks that are set to define the soundtrack of your summer.

Sean Tyas & Enigma State – Lately

Lately,” a collaboration between EDM maestro Sean Tyas and Enigma State, delivers a blend of electrifying melodies and driving beats. Released on the renowned FSOE label, the track showcases Tyas’s signature euphoric sound combined with Enigma State’s intricate production. The song’s soaring synths and uplifting energy create a captivating atmosphere that resonates deeply with trance enthusiasts. “Lately” stands out not just for its technical prowess but for its ability to evoke powerful emotions, making it a compelling addition to any dance music playlist.

Zonderling – Variant (HI-LO Variant)

Zonderling’s track “Variant” made waves across the global dance scene in 2023, garnering support from top DJs. Now, HILOMATIK has released “Variant (HI-LO Variant),” an exciting reimagining of the track by HI-LO, the darker, techno-oriented alias of Oliver Heldens. This new version breathes fresh life into the original, blending driving beats and hypnotic melodies to create an electrifying auditory experience. With HI-LO’s distinct touch, “Variant (HI-LO Variant)” delivers a compelling techno exploration that’s sure to captivate listeners on the dance floor. The track is available now through HILOMATIK.

Amiko – Reckless (Sean Finn Remix)

Amiko‘s latest release, “Reckless (Sean Finn Remix),” highlights her ability to blend dynamic artistry with her personal passions. Collaborating with DJ and producer Sean Finn, who is celebrated for his high-energy dance remixes, Amiko transforms her original track into an electrifying mix of vibrant beats and captivating melodies. This remix elevates the song’s energetic core, making it an ideal soundtrack for lively dance floors. “Reckless” pulsates with an infectious rhythm, capturing the exhilarating unpredictability that defines Amiko’s approach to life and music.

Markus Schulz x Daxson – Frantika

Markus Schulz and Daxson have teamed up to release their highly anticipated collaboration, “Frantika.” This dynamic track seamlessly blends Schulz’s signature deep, progressive trance elements with Daxson’s invigorating melodic style. “Frantika” captivates listeners with its pulsating rhythms and soaring synths, building to an exhilarating climax that is sure to ignite dance floors around the world. Released just before their appearance at the Transmission Festival in Prague, this collaboration marks a significant highlight in the trance scene and underscores the powerful synergy between two of the genre’s most exciting talents.

Sam Feldt, JVKE, Anitta – Mi Amor

Sam Feldt, Anitta, and JVKE have unleashed the ultimate summer anthem with their latest collaboration, “Mi Amor.” Produced by Sam Feldt, known for his chart-topping remixes and vibrant productions, the track features Anitta’s sultry vocals and JVKE’s infectious energy, creating a blend of Latin influences and feel-good vibes destined to dominate summer playlists in 2024. With its message of love and celebration, “Mi Amor” showcases each artist’s unique style while promising to be a standout hit that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Alex Kunnari & Bo Bruce – World on Fire (AK Statement Remix)

Alex Kunnari teams up with Bo Bruce for a captivating new release titled “World on Fire,” remixed by AK Statement. Bo Bruce’s emotive vocals blend seamlessly with Alex Kunnari’s dynamic production, creating a track that ignites the senses and captures the essence of contemporary dance music. The AK Statement Remix infuses the original with pulsating beats and atmospheric synths, elevating “World on Fire” to new heights of euphoria and energy. This collaboration promises to resonate with listeners, delivering a powerful anthem that sets dance floors ablaze.

AUSMAX – Far Beyond

AUSMAX takes listeners on an exhilarating journey with his latest track “Far Beyond.” This release showcases AUSMAX’s signature style, blending melodic elements with driving beats to create an immersive and uplifting experience. “Far Beyond” resonates with its infectious energy and emotive undertones, making it a standout in the electronic music scene. AUSMAX continues to solidify his place with this track, promising listeners an unforgettable musical adventure that transcends boundaries and captivates the imagination.