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Roy LaCroix

Roy LaCroix Uses Peppers as Instruments for His Latest Single ‘Tabasco’

Roy LaCroix is redefining electronic music with his new house track, “Tabasco“, by incorporating actual peppers as musical instruments, producing a beat as fiery as its namesake.

Based in Los Angeles, LaCroix is a staple in the house music scene, and “Tabasco” represents a notable shift from conventional music production methods. The track features a unique beat paired with a seductive vocal hook, where each phrase carries a hint of spice that heats up the track. It combines smoldering wordplay with intense basslines to create an original house anthem.

The production of “Tabasco” showcases LaCroix’s ingenuity. Using alligator clips, he connected peppers to a Playtron unit, effectively transforming these ordinary kitchen items into a MIDI controller interfaced with Ableton Live. This method is more than a novelty; it highlights LaCroix‘s ability to innovate by using the Playtron’s technology to turn everyday objects into musical instruments.

“Tabasco” is more than a track; it’s an experience that captures the intense flavor of its namesake. The lyrics draw parallels between a fiery muse described as a “sriracha queen” and the enduring appeal of spices. This playful language enhances the song, turning a commonplace item like hot sauce into a metaphor for irresistible allure.

Musically, “Tabasco” features a drop with sinuous, twisting synths that mimic the unexpected intensity of spicy food. This auditory representation of a spicy kick is clever and engaging, setting “Tabasco” apart as a track that not only compels movement but also sparks the imagination.

LaCroix’s decision to use peppers as instruments is indicative of a larger trend in music where artists blend organic and electronic elements in creative ways. This method sets “Tabasco” apart from other tracks in the genre and challenges listeners to rethink what’s possible in music production.

The release of “Tabasco” has resonated well within electronic music circles, praised for its originality and tactile approach to music-making. It’s recognized for its innovative use of everyday items as instruments, showcasing LaCroix’s knack for transforming the mundane into the exceptional.

As “Tabasco” continues to attract attention, Roy LaCroix solidifies his reputation as an innovator in the house music landscape. This latest release is not just a track but a statement that in music, as in cooking, a bit of spice can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. With “Tabasco,” LaCroix invites listeners to embrace the heat, both metaphorically and literally, as they delve into a track that simmers with creativity and passion.