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Avicii’s Family Releases Photobook Featuring Intimate, Rare Moments

Avicii: The Life and Music of Tim Bergling” provides an in-depth look at the life of Avicii, known offstage as Tim Bergling. This new photobook contains unseen photographs that give a glimpse into the private experiences behind his widespread fame. Compiled by his parents, Klas Bergling and Anki Lidén, it shows Avicii’s journey from his beginnings to the peak moments of his tours.

The photobook was created in partnership with the Tim Bergling Foundation, established after Avicii’s death by suicide in 2018 at the age of 28. The foundation is committed to improving mental health support and preventing suicide, particularly among young people.

Proceeds from the book are directed to support the foundation’s work, continuing Avicii’s legacy by helping those battling mental health issues. Through this book, Avicii’s parents aim to present a fuller picture of their son, showing the man behind the music and the pressures that accompanied his fame.

In their statement, Avicii’s parents said, “We are proud to honor Tim with this book. His music and legacy continue to reach fans worldwide, and we hope this photographic journey offers deeper insight into his life.”

“Avicii: The Life and Music of Tim Bergling” is not merely a collection of photos; it’s a chance to see the man behind the icon. It is crucial for fans and supporters, connecting them more closely to Avicii’s world and supporting an initiative aimed at changing how mental health is discussed in the music industry.

This portrayal seeks to keep Avicii’s legacy alive by celebrating his musical achievements and his advocacy for mental health awareness. It serves as a reminder of his talent and the challenges he faced, aiming to inspire continued support and discussion around mental health, helping his influence endure.