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Empire of the Sun Returns After Eight Years with Infectious New Single "Changes"

Empire of the Sun Returns After Eight Years with Infectious New Single “Changes”

Electro-pop duo Empire of the Sun has finally broken their eight-year silence, gifting fans with the long-awaited single “Changes.” The track, accompanied by a visually stunning music video, marks a triumphant return for the group.

From the opening notes, “Changes” pulsates with life. A funky bass line intertwines with a silky synth melody, instantly grabbing the listener’s attention. Soaring vocals enter swiftly, delivered in beautiful harmony by Lord Littlemore and Emperor Steele. The melody is infectious, inviting singalongs from the very first listen.

Lyrically, “Changes” explores themes of impermanence and resilience. Littlemore describes it as a reflection on the passage of time, where empires rise and fall but hope persists. The chorus, a potent refrain of “This time we’re going through changes,” builds in intensity before culminating in a hypnotic chant of “letting go, letting go, letting go.”

“Changes” is a triumph of both production and performance. The lush soundscape perfectly complements Steele’s vocals, creating a track that justifies the eight-year wait for dedicated fans. Steele himself echoes this sentiment, describing “Changes” as a pivotal moment – “a time of rebirth, the next chapter of Empire of the Sun.”

The accompanying music video matches the song’s energy with breathtaking visuals. Filmed in the stunning landscapes of Thailand, the video opens with a dark, dreamlike sequence. The band members, alongside a young child, navigate a fantastical forest filled with both beauty and danger. As the sun rises, the video culminates with the duo bathed in golden light, a powerful symbol of transformation and hope.

“Changes” marks a promising return for Empire of the Sun. The single and its accompanying video leave fans eager to explore the “ever-expanding story” promised by the band.