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Micky Quinn, Sleep Tonight,

Exploring the Musical Landscape with Micky Quinn: Unraveling the Journey of “Sleep Tonight”

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Micky Quinn, whose latest release, “Sleep Tonight,” has been making waves with its infectious rhythms and introspective lyrics. Join us as we delve into the creative process behind this captivating blend of energy and emotion.

Congratulations on the release of “Sleep Tonight”! It carries an intriguing mix of infectious rhythms and introspective lyrics. Can you walk us through the creative process behind crafting this unique blend of energy and emotion?

With “Sleep Tonight” I wanted to create a track with a powerful female vocal, heavy piano lead, and hypnotic melody. A song that you can both sing a long and vibe too.

With “Sleep Tonight,” you’ve expanded beyond the boundaries of traditional club anthems. How do you envision the evolution of your sound moving forward, and what elements are you excited to explore in future releases?

From my live sets most people will know I’m a very free-flowing DJ who explores multiple genres, my productions will be the same. 100%, there will be some harder stuff coming down the line, but for now, my next few releases will be summer anthems.

What is the most exciting collab you’ve had so far? Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Every collab is unique and exciting in their own way. I enjoy working with artists from every part of life. Hopefully at some stage I get to collab with some of the talented rappers and MCs, coming out of the UK & Ireland. I feel a crossover track would be cool.

You’re an incredible producer and DJ! Do you plan ahead or improvise your sets? What does it feel like to be performing in front of a live audience? Do you feel comfortable or anxious?

My sets are never planned, fully improvised. I’ve planned 2 x sets in my life. One was my Ministry of Sound main room debut and the other was for playing at Amnesia, Ibiza. Both Plans quickly needed to be changed on the fly during my set, so it’s best to just believe in my skills and talent and go with it organically. People are people and music is music, what’s the worst that can happen? Lol

What is that one trait that helps a DJ stand out?

My ability to give people their “wow” moments be it via my own mashups and edits, by samples, or by digging out a track you haven’t heard in years. It’s that “wow” moment that leaves a lasting memory, at least for a while.

Ibiza Club News named you “One to Watch.” Do you remember the exact moment you received the news? What does it feel like to be acknowledged for your hard work and talent?

It was really cool, they had given me some exposure previously, so to get an acknowledgment like that was awesome. They are a group of people immersed in the industry and I respect them and their views a lot.

Do you have any upcoming events? A new live set? Where would you like to travel and introduce yourself and your music?

The next few months as always will be hectic with events all over Ireland and a few big ones to announce but other than that, I think it’s time to bring my live set to the next level. I’m currently developing a new live set experience. I’m very excited about that.

As we conclude our exploration of “Sleep Tonight” and the creative genius behind it, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Micky Quinn is an artist on a mission. With a passion for pushing boundaries and a talent for crafting unforgettable melodies, Quinn is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene. So, as we eagerly await Quinn’s next release and live performances, let’s remember to embrace the magic of music and celebrate the artists who bring it to life.