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Peggy Gou Announces Debut Album ‘I Hear You,’ Debuts Collaborative Video with Artist Olafur Eliasson

Korean-born artist, producer, and DJ Peggy Gou is set to unveil a major milestone in her musical journey with the release of her debut album, I Hear You. Scheduled to drop on June 7th via XL Recordings, the album is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s a culmination of dedication and a celebration of connection.

I Hear You transcends the typical debut album. Gou describes it as a product of countless hours poured into creating a timeless work that resonates deeply. Fans can expect previously released hits like “(It Goes Like) Nanana” and the Lenny Kravitz collaboration “I Believe In Love Again” to be featured alongside fresh material.

To mark the announcement, Gou unleashed an electrifying new single, “1+1=11.” This anthem perfectly complements the dance floor, further emphasizing the album’s core theme of togetherness. The release is accompanied by a groundbreaking music video – the first ever directed by acclaimed Icelandic-Danish artist and longtime friend of Gou, Olafur Eliasson.

Eliasson, who also takes center stage in the video, emphasizes the transformative power of dance. He describes it as a force that reshapes our relationship with time and space. Their first meeting involved a lunch conversation about shared passions for rhythm, movement, and psychosonics. Eliasson’s enthusiasm for dance was so infectious that he spontaneously danced for Gou in the restaurant! This encounter blossomed into a unique collaboration, with Gou inviting Eliasson to translate their artistic interests into a visual language for the video.

The final product is a captivating blend of dance – a physical exploration of space – intertwined with vibrant shadows, light, and mirrors. Eliasson successfully brings these key elements, central to his artistic style, into a fresh and dynamic context. Their collaborative process proved not only rewarding but undeniably fun.

The music video premiered at a recent Berlin party hosted by Gou, featuring a specially curated DJ lineup. I Hear You, a highly anticipated work from Gou, is now available for pre-order.