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Ferry Corsten And Marsh Unite for 90s Trance and Progressive House single, “Fulfillment”

Ferry Corsten and Marsh join forces to deliver a club sensation titled “Fulfillment.” This collaborative track perfectly intertwines the nostalgic essence of 90s trance with the contemporary allure of progressive house, creating a dance track that is both timeless and forward-thinking.

Set to be featured in Ferry Corsten‘s upcoming 2024 art form, “Connect,” on Flashover Recordings, “Fulfillment” captures a euphoric dance experience that feels both familiar and reflective of the present moment. The track’s unique sounds have already garnered attention and praise on the global party circuit, from Amsterdam Dance Event to Fabric London.

Ferry Corsten And Marsh Unite for 90s Trance "Fulfillment"

In a live setting, “Fulfillment” takes on an elevated aura. Marsh‘s foundational trance-esque melody gracefully soars above a tight rolling bass line and intense drum builds skillfully laid down by Corsten. The catchy drops within the track capture a sacred connectivity on the dance floor, as evidenced by the ecstatic reactions of crowds worldwide.

Ferry Corsten has consistently demonstrated his curiosity and shapeshifting capabilities across various genres under aliases such as System F and FERR. His ability to source new talents and explore ahead-of-the-curve sounds has solidified his presence in the Top 100 DJs poll since 1999. Corsten remains dedicated to exploring the future possibilities of dance music.

On the other side of this collaboration is Marsh, an emerging star known for his personable approach to melodic and progressive house. Marsh’s 2020 album, “Lailonie,” marked a turning point in his career, featuring the track “Come Together,” celebrated as a modern classic. His subsequent album, “Endless,” showcased a storytelling masterpiece, drawing inspiration from early 00s trance and embarking on an extensive global tour.

Ferry Corsten and Marsh will share the stage at La Otra Miami on Sunday, March 24, 2024. The event promises solo sets from both artists and an exclusive back-to-back session. Tickets for this collaboration are available here.

Stream “Fulfillment” on Spotify below.