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Amél & D_EXC Team Up for Euphoric Anthem "Breathe Slow"

Future House Fusion: Amél & D_EXC Team Up for Euphoric Anthem “Breathe Slow”

Amél and D_EXC, two rising stars in the electronic music scene, have joined forces to create a captivating future house anthem titled “Breathe Slow,” released on Manitou Records. This collaboration is a guaranteed hit, showcasing the distinct styles of both artists and promising even more exciting projects to come.

“Breathe Slow” isn’t just another single; it’s a meticulously crafted masterpiece that seamlessly blends each artist’s musical DNA. With elements guaranteed to ignite even the most discerning crowds, this track arrives at the perfect moment, ready to elevate any dance floor experience.

Amél, known for his innovative production style, launched Manitou Records as a platform to explore new sonic territories. “Breathe Slow” marks the second release on the label, and with its infectious energy, it has fans eagerly awaiting what’s next.

Speaking on the collaboration, Amél reflects, “Working with D_EXC on a track was a unique experience. When I first started producing music, he was a huge inspiration online. Now, a few years later, we’re releasing music together. This is just the beginning – we have more collaborations planned for the rest of the year, and I can’t wait to share them with everyone.”

“Breathe Slow” is destined for chart-topping success. It’s a perfect blend of electrifying sounds, showcasing the raw talent of both artists. The combined force of their creativity results in a truly spectacular anthem. Immerse yourself in the sonic brilliance of “Breathe Slow” below – available for streaming on all major platforms.