Gas Announces New Album 'Der Lange Marsch'

Starting in the mid-’90s, the German producer Wolfgang Voigt released four albums of anxious, haunted ambient music under the name Gas. Then, for many years, Voigt retired the project, or at least put it on hiatus. In 2017, though, Voigt released Narkopop, the first new Gas album in 17 years. A year later, he followed Narkopop with another new Gas album called Rausch. And later this year, Gas will return again.

Kompakt, the German label that released Narkopop and Rausch has just announced plans to release a new Gas album called Der Lange Marsch — German for The Long March — this December. The album has 11 tracks spread over two LPs, but none of those tracks have titles; it’s just “Der Lange Marsch 1,” “Der Lange Marsch 2,” etc. The label hasn’t shared any of those tracks yet, but it has offered a vague, mystical description of how the album might sound:

The album Gas – Der Lange Marsch once again invites us to follow the deep sounding bass drum, to give in to its irresistible pull into a psychedelic world of 1000 promises. In the process, the journey leads us past stations of memories sounding from afar, from Zauberberg to Königsforst and Pop, from Oktember to Narkopop and Rausch, back and forth, now and forever.

Way. Destination. Loop. Forest loop.

No beginning. No end.

Sounds great! Sign us up! Der Lange Marsch is out 12/3 on Kompakt, and you can pre-order it here.


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