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Grum Returns: Unveils New Single “Come With Me” and Unprecedented Live Act

After a year-long hiatus immersed in the studio, Grum emerges with a triumphant comeback, unveiling his latest single, Come With Me.” This release not only marks a significant return for the artist but also signals a transformative phase in Grum’s musical odyssey.

Breaking away from the norm, Come With Me showcases Grum’s back-to-basics approach to electronic music. Crafted exclusively using hardware drum machines, synthesizers, and samplers, the track immerses listeners in a euphoric journey with its rich and captivating sound. The infusion of striking melodies adds depth, establishing the single as a standout piece in Grum’s evolving discography.

This release signifies the inception of a new era for Grum, with Come With Me serving as the inaugural release on his recently founded label, Being. More than just a music platform, Being stands as a testament to artistic freedom, providing Grum with the space to express his creativity in its purest form.

In a surprising move, Grum has more in store for his dedicated fanbase. Alongside his musical ventures, he announces the creation of a fully immersive live show scheduled to hit the road in 2024. This live act is not your conventional electronic music performance; it promises an unparalleled experience that breaks free from conventionality.

Grum’s laptop-free performance is a departure from the digital domination of the current era. It allows him to play and control every aspect of his tracks in real-time, creating an interactive and dynamic atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from the hardware used in his latest music, Grum’s live act is a hands-on, unpredictable journey through his compositions.

What sets this live act apart is Grum’s ability to rearrange and remix his creations on the spot, ensuring each performance is unique. Guiding the audience through a musical adventure, he manipulates and shapes the music in real-time, providing an extraordinary and unpredictable spectacle.

In an era dominated by digital production tools, Grum’s decision to go laptop-free is a bold testament to his commitment to the roots of electronic music. By embracing hardware and live instrumentation, he not only pays homage to the genre’s origins but also presents a refreshing perspective on live performances. Grum’s return is not just about music; it’s a transformative journey that invites fans to experience electronic sounds in a groundbreaking way.