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Revivis Explores Sonic Landscapes with New EP ‘Dance State’

Revivis, the London-born, Berlin-based producer, is gearing up for the release of his latest EP, Dance State, featuring four dynamic tracks set to hit the airwaves this Friday. Ahead of its official launch, get an exclusive first listen to the title track below.
Following the success of his debut EP, Trip to Luzon, which made waves last summer, Revivis takes a bold step forward, expanding his electronic horizons in Dance State. While maintaining the melodious finesse that characterized his first release, the producer now shifts his focus to the dancefloor, infusing threads of ’90s house and early acid-laced trance with pulsating prog-techno NRG.

Inspired by the vibrant late-night soundscapes of Berlin’s Neukölln district, the EP’s opener, ‘All Over,’ weaves feathery pads and snappy drums into a lithe techno trip. The title track, ‘Dance State,’ elevates the intensity, offering a psychedelic and proggy techno hybrid, creating an immersive sonic experience.

Flipping over to the B-side, ‘Queen Of Chaos’ unleashes busy acid modulations, coupled with bouncy kick drums and springy basslines, resulting in a hands-in-the-air anthem. The closing track, ‘Sophia,’ named after the Hanson Robotics AI entity it samples, playfully engages with questions of AI and musical autonomy.

Set to release on January 24th via Revivis’s own Santo Tomas imprint, the EP, launched last year, pays homage to his Filipino roots and serves as a platform for nurturing his deep yet progressively evolving sound.