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Elaine Walker Unveils Rebranded Classic: “Four-Momentum” Takes a Cosmic Turn

In a notable artistic shift, electronic music trailblazer Elaine Walker is reintroducing her revered album “Four-Momentum,” formerly released under the moniker “ZIA,” now proudly bearing her own name. This strategic rebranding aims to delineate between her vocal and instrumental endeavors, offering listeners a deeper connection to her diverse musical expressions.

“Four-Momentum” is no ordinary album; it serves as a sonic journey into the realm of retro-futurism, accentuated by extraterrestrial scales like the Bohlen-Pierce Scale. Walker’s musical craftsmanship effortlessly transports audiences to a captivating space that feels like a 70s disco projected into the year 3000—a truly extraordinary and irresistibly catchy experience.

Beyond her musical achievements, Elaine Walker boasts a diverse array of talents, including being a pioneer in microtonal music, an accomplished author in physics and philosophy, the inventor of the vertical keyboard, and a black-belt martial artist. The rebranding and re-release of this iconic album mark a significant moment for the remarkably multi-talented artist.

For those eager to delve into Elaine’s universe, a visit to ZiaSpace.com is a must. Additionally, keep your ears tuned for her upcoming project, “No Terrestrial Road,” an alien-inspired album that promises another extraordinary voyage into Walker’s musical cosmos. The journey with Elaine Walker is bound to be nothing short of exceptional.